Annual General Meeting Minutes

A big thanks to everyone who came out for our inaugural AGM on Wednesday, February 6th. Here are some notes on the year that was, and some of our opportunities as we launch S2!

1. Physical Space

-we discussed creating a small fence around the perimeter of the garden, primarily to keep the children gardening safe from the traffic that races down Woodbine
-it was suggested that enclosing the children’s area and creating some play space there might be as effective
-Harry offered to help build a fence

-quite a bit of food was “disappeared,” some due to well meaning passersby; it was suggested that more appropriate and clearer signage would help alleviate some of the confusion

-the storage space last year was inadequate for our needs. We need to build accessible storage, and are designing something with a living wall
-we need proper and more accessible hose storage

New Building Projects
-storage (necessity)
-seating (idea)
-decking (in central area; an idea)
-trellis (idea)
-some kind of fencing (necessity)
-sandbox or creative play space in children’s area
-three-bin composter (necessity)
-install rain barrels (necessity)

Children’s Area
-an enclosed children’s area with a play structure (i.e. sandbox) would be a great addition!
-we need to have a roster of care for the communal areas, including children’s garden

Communal Areas
-creating clearly marked communal areas would help alleviate some of the “community garden grazing” that occurred last year
-let’s create a roster of care for the communal areas, and on-site methods of communication between gardeners

2. Programming

-composting, gardening, preserving
-have a gardeners night where we come together to design our gardens and share our knowledge and ideas

-based on garden seasonality
-as fundraisers?

Outreach (Earl Beatty Public School)

3. Communication

Community Sign Board

Schematic of garden with plot numbers / locations for communication at the garden

Email list to contact other gardeners

Communication board or binder in the shed to ask questions and address the garden group

4. Committees

Design and Building
-design and building meeting to design new elements of garden (i.e. storage with green wall)

Fundraising and Programming

Garden Committee

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